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Terms of Reference

Title of The Group

The Group shall be called Coleridge Medical Centre (CMC) Virtual Patient Participation Group (vPPG)


The vPPG aims to provide a platform for patients to lend their voice to changes and improvements in the practice.

To promote the cooperation between all CMC patients together with the NHS NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to the benefit of all concerned.


  • To assist the CMC in improving services to patients acting in an advisory capacity.
  • To represent patient views and improve communication between patients and the CMC.
  • To express opinions on behalf of patients in regard to CMC policies
  • To provide advice to CMC in regard to the implications of the results of Patient Surveys
  • To advise CMC on the education needs of the patient community in regard to preventative medicine, healthy lifestyle choices, appropriate use of healthcare services and any other areas to improve the health of the patient community and the efficient use of medical resources.
  • To undertake fundraising activities if appropriate. 


The vPPG currently consists of 164 members of our community. This number is continuously growing as we welcome new patients to the area and more people wish to lend their voice to Coleridge Medical Centre and the patient experience improvements we undertake.

CMC will keep the vPPG informed of its policies and decisions relating to patients, and the outcomes of surveys completed by the members of the vPPG.


Getting Your View

We would love to get your comments on changes and improvements we make in the practice.

Please sign up to join our Virtual Patient Participation Group using the form at the top of this page.

The surveys we send are never more than 5 simple questions, and can be completed in as little as 5 minutes.

Changes we make in the practice based on the feedback received from these surveys will always be shared with members of our vPPG, and with all patients who can access our social media channels, our website, as well as our printed newsletters.

All surveys submitted by members of the vPPG will be anonymous, and not even the practice will be able to identify the patient who has completed the survey.

We kindly ask all submissions to be constructive in suggestions made to the practice.