GP Community Pharmacy Consultation Service

The Community Pharmacist Consultation Service—also know as CPCS (General Practice CPCS) -  launched on 29th October 2019 as an Advanced Service. Since 1st November 2020, general practices have been able to refer patients for a MINOR ILLNESS consultation via CPCS.

The CPCS aims to relieve pressure on the wider NHS by connecting patients with community pharmacy, which should be their first port of call and can deliver a swift, convenient and effective service to meet their needs. Since the CPCS was launched, an average of 10,500 patients per week being referred for a consultation, these are patients who might otherwise have gone to see a GP.

Our PCN has agreed a very good 4 hour turn around time from referral, to point of contact to the patient from the chosen pharmacy, offering a great professional service. 

Patients referred to this service (and who fit the criteria) will receive a private consultation with a trained pharmacist.

The CPCS provides the opportunity for community pharmacy to play a bigger role than ever within the urgent care system.